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Hold onto your helmets folks, we're in a film festival!

That's right fellow riders, Arrows Of Fire will be shown at the Vision Splendid Film Festival on July 4th. So dust off your chaps, chaps, and girls get out the double denim, and head to Winton in central Queensland for a 10-day outback film festival.

Showing at the festival will be films hand-picked from the best of Australian cinema showcasing the Australian Outback. From the good old classic "The Proposition" to documentaries like "Crocodile Dundee", you'll be immersed in the outback like never before. 

The festival kicks off on July 27, so you've got less than 30 days to ask for leave, put the kids in storage and convince your wife you need to go away "for work". And you may even bump into Josh Evans, star of Arrows Of Fire who will be there to answer your questions on how it feels to ride a postie bike through the air, and what is a Belstaff made of anyway?

Check out the full program here, and be sure to head to Winton, QLD for a film festival you won't forget.