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In our second film we tackle the big question: What drives a man to Adventure?

A father, his adult son, and two mates head off on a journey to discover the grittiest, most beautiful bush the country has to offer. Yet what they find is something they were not prepared for, confronting their own mortality.

Arrows of Fire is more than just a chronicle of a picturesque ride in the Australian Outback. It takes four men on a journey into their physical and mental limits on their quest for life through adventure. Leading them to the discovery of a rare kind of exhilaration borne out of hardship and endurance. 

For one rider, the journey brings him face-to-face with his greatest fear as a prophetic dream comes true and changes his life forever.

Filmed by the motorbike riders with no support vehicles.


Arrows of Fire is a quiet film considering its motorcycle connection. There is an absence of bikes flying through the air or demonstrations of immense skill or dramatic ego heroics in front of the outback pubs. The riders are regular guys who would prefer to ponder the art of building a fire or stare out into the vast panorama of red dirt and scrub and wonder ‘what is all this about?’


“Arrows of Fire” is actually the opening chapter title of a book on space exploration. It describes not only the connection between the isolation of a deep space explorer and a bike rider in his helmet, but also the feeling of excitement and discovery.  

Many people miss the Saturn 5 rocket connection to the title and Duncan and Josh are quite happy with that.

Discovery is the art of adventure.

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Our latest Moto Doco DVD contains the 75 minute feature length film Arrows of Fire.


A 16 minute deleted scenes mini doco and an eight page booklet. 
And the 'Arrows of Fire' original trailer and the 'Eye of the Rider' original trailer. 

The DVD comes in a custom designed Pannier Safe* film canister style tin DVD case.

*No DVD's were destroyed in the harsh adventure testing, all were scratch and crack free. 


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- Duncan Menge, Josh Evans, Paul Evans and Ben Rollison